25 Mar 2017

Trap City: Tori Ann Hunter

As much as we revel in our ability to unearth new modeling talent, we still value experience. In Tori Ann's
24 Mar 2017

Trap City: Jolie Dacosta

This curvaceous vixen responds to the moniker Jolie DaCosta. The NY babe has such class, she's all in a league
23 Mar 2017

Trap City: Faith Sch

Isn't she a catch? The photos you are seeing are brand new, never published before. The babe gracing them? A
Jenna Marbles
22 Mar 2017

Trap City: Jenna Marbles

Our very own Jenna Marbles is a bombshell in her own right. She make such a delightful combo with photography
21 Mar 2017

Trap City: Madison Banes

We take enormous pride at our well earned reputation for showcasing raw, upcoming models not featured elsewhere. Perhaps no other
K. Bunny
20 Mar 2017

Trap City: K-Bunny

K Bunny defies convention. She's at once alluring, brazen and regal. She's only recently joined the FOXTAIL family but her
19 Mar 2017

Trap City: Jordan Tompkins

We have to admit, we are sort of obsessed with Jordan Tompkins. It is like every photo shoot she does,
18 Mar 2017

Trap City: Brittney Passion

Granted, we love surprises. Indeed, you could rightly call us purveyors of the unexpected. But while surprises are our stock
17 Mar 2017

Trap City: Mi’Chel Bombshell

Don't blink your eyes! You are not looking at an apparition but our very own Mi'Chel Bombshell in the flesh.
16 Mar 2017

Trap City: Bri Michelle

Who can resist the thrill and suspense of a tease? Certainly not you! Meet the FOXTAIL model who has redefined
15 Mar 2017

Trap City: Dana Doll

Do thick babes with sumptuous curves that leave you drooling? Dana Doll has all your fancies covered. This Italian hunny
23 Jan 2017

Chelly L. 2

Who doesn’t love the thrill and suspense of a tease? You're right... NO ONE! Meet FOXTAIL Girl, Chelly L. for
23 Jan 2017

Mercedes Rose 2

HOT MAMA! I mean, Mercedes Rose is simply a treat for you. The first time we featured Mercedes, she was
15 Jan 2017

Ayashe Stone 2

Ayashe will forever be all-around Foxtail Girl material! We love 'em thick with a booty like this! With a body
19 Nov 2016

Djazel 2

Djazel is such an accomplished member of FOXTAIL, she has earned multiple features from her sizzling hot pictures. You have
18 Nov 2016

Naomi Serrano

Super sexy Naomi is a vixen from Myrtle Beach, SC with the right amount of sexy, and a perfect of...
17 Nov 2016

Kariri Lopez

This girl is so fucking sexy it's crazy, no enhancements here, just all natural cuteness. She has the "you want
16 Nov 2016


At FOXTAIL.com we pride ourselves in bringing you new and undiscovered models never seen before. One such model is Nassali.
15 Nov 2016

Tay B

We just made quite the discovery and still wondering how this model was able to escape the FOXTAIL family for
14 Nov 2016

Kay Marie 2

Do you like em' thick with nothing but curves? Kay Marie has got you covered. She is a super sexy
13 Nov 2016

Griselda Violante

Griselda Violante is what many would call sweetie pie. For us, she is a super sexy, full bodied FOXTAIL baddie
12 Nov 2016

Debbie Lopez

We have too much love for our girl Debbie. She makes such a pair with photographer Premi Sterlin. We love
11 Nov 2016

Genesis Lynae

Today when we opened our email we were pleasantly surprised to find Genesis Lynae. Such a darling! Marcus Allen sent
10 Nov 2016

Chermaire Perez

Here at Foxtailmag.com, we have more than our fair share of beauty for your to enjoyment. Today, we want you