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“I’m Gone” with Djazel by Rakesh Sidana

“I’m Gone” with Djazel by Rakesh Sidana

Djazel is one of the hottest #foxtailgirls to ever grace a cover of FOXTAIL Magazine. You can see Djazel’s cover and amazing images by going here: store.foxtailmag.com/product/issue-23/. In the meantime, you can enjoy this live action beauty as “Djazel and director Rakesh Sidana” go into full-fledged beast model on this ultra sultry, uber seductive video. Everything about this video works from the location, the music and of course… the lustful Djazel. Trust me, I know exactly what they’re serving, and I suggest you have them pour you up a cup, asap! Enjoy!

I LUV #FOXTAILGIRLS. Simply as that!


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