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Lingerie Haul Try On | Summer Sane

Lingerie Haul Try On | Summer Sane

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Are you wondering what lingerie or bikini to wear for your next shoot? Or maybe, you’re looking for something special to buy your girlfriend and you don’t know what to buy. Who better to ask than a FOXTAIL Magazine lingerie and bikini model.


Here at FOXTAIL Magazine, we decided there is no one better than us to give you an informative lingerie review for your next shopping haul purchase. We personally selected one of our best models and brought her into FOXTAIL Studios to do a lingerie haul try on just for you.


We hope to be honest and thorough as we review bras, panties, thongs, corsets, lace, and women’s fashion from various brands. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, body shape, size or ethnicity, you deserve the right to make informed decisions, and we are here to help.


Summer Sane @summerrsane | https://instagram.com/summerrsane




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