Dave East plans to shower his daughter with all of the luxuries that he’d never experienced as a child.

“I know how it feels to ask for something and your mother be like, ‘nah,’” the Harlem rapper tells MASS APPEAL while buying clothes for his 17-month-old daughter, Kairi. “I don’t want her to not know how to accept ‘no,’ but I want to make sure it’s there, regardless. So if I’m telling her no, it’s because of a reason, not cause I ain’t got it.”

East’s daughter, Kairi Chanel, is the namesake of his 2016 mixtape and the center of his world. She’s often seen at his side at events—she was even on hand at the release party for Paranoia: A True Story EP.

During this episode of Shop Talk, Dave East brings MASS APPEAL along with him to the TriBeCa children’s store Babesta to chat about fatherhood. Dave says he and Kairi often wear matching outfits—from sneakers to sweatsuits—and to his amazement they also have similar mannerisms and facial expressions. “I look at her in the face and I gotta give her the world,” he says. “And everything in it.”

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