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A View from Behind: Mandy C Fit by 2020 Photograph...

A View from Behind: Mandy C Fit by 2020 Photography

If you’re into thick fit girls like we are, then I know you’re going to love Mandy C Fit. The name says it all. Mandy, for her first name. C, for those two glorious cheeks. Fit, because this woman is fit! That’s probably not really how she got her name, but we have a great imagination, lol! In this gallery, you will see Mandy in all her glory from behind. Kind of brings a whole new meaning to behind-the-scene! I’m sure 2020 Photography took his time to make sure we get these these superb shots. For more, follow Mandy C Fit @mandycfit and 2020 Photography@2020Photography3

I LUV #FOXTAILGIRLS. Simply as that!

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